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PwD: Support & Help

PwD: Support & Help

People with Disability Required Continuous Support

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As per the latest Census 2011, out of the total 121 crore population, a total of 2.68 crore people or 2.21% of the total Indian population lives with a disability. The World Health Organisation estimates that a whopping 15% of the world’s population lives with some kind of a disability.


As COVID-19 sweeps the world, Persons with Disabilities are at a higher risk of serious illness (and even death if they contract coronavirus). Some of the challenging factors include the following:

1. The concept of social distancing which is fundamental in controlling the spread of Coronavirus cannot be emulated by Persons with Disabilities. For example, many PwDs cannot perform even the most basic activities (such as hand washing and personal hygiene) independently. Moreover, the blind navigate their way through touch. Persons with Intellectual Disabilities are also highly dependent on their caretakers and attendants.

2. Existing health issues such as diabetes, pulmonary illnesses, weak lower diaphragm functioning etc. increase the chances of the disease. 3. The lockdown has disproportionately affected Persons with Disabilities in comparison to the non-disabled population. For example, many Persons with Intellectual Disabilities require regular therapy, without which their condition deteriorates. Access to medication has taken a huge blow, with many not having enough medical supplies till the end of the lockdown. Groceries have been hoarded by the non-disabled, leaving nothing for Persons with Disabilities living independently. Special schools have been shut, leaving many children to take care of themselves independently.

4. The unavailability of passes has left many Persons with Disabilities stranded alone in their homes, with no one to take care of them. In cases where caretakers and attendants have contracted the virus, no substitutes are available for the disabled community.

5. Most of the content available on coronavirus is inaccessible to the deaf, resulting in many uninformed.

6. Government websites are still not accessible to the Blind.

7. Diagnostic and quarantine centres, whether private or public have inaccessible infrastructures. They do not even have basic lifts or disabled friendly toilets.

8. Research has indicated that unemployment and poverty rates are higher among Persons with Disabilities which has worsened their struggle in the time of the pandemic.

9. For thalassemia patients, there is an acute shortage of blood supply which is dangerous for their condition.

10. Access to support systems has been cut which has a negative impact on PwDs.

11. Structure and routines can reduce anxiety for people with intellectual disabilities – but at a time when structure and routine is quickly changing, this can have a big effect on emotional and mental wellbeing.

12. Autistic people can often be very sensitive to changes in food tastes, textures, and smells caused by sensory overload. As well as increasing anxiety, being unable to buy their usual foods because of food shortages and not being able to shop in the usual supermarket at the usual time of day can lead to a limited diet, as substitutes may be unacceptable.

Donor Crew Associated NGOs initiatives:

1. All Donor Crew associated NGOs giving training to people to act as PwD attendant, care giver or support staff for this pandemic time to help PwD in need and distress.
2. Many Donor Crew Associated NGOs has requested Government of India to ensure that Section 8 of the RPWD Act 2016 (which stipulates that the PwDs shall have equal protection and safety in situations of risk, armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters) is followed religiously.
3. Many Donor Crew Associated NGOs has requested Government of India to ensure that all caretakers, attendants and support staff for Persons with Disabilities should be given the status of health care professionals and supplied with safety gear.
4. Many Donor Crew Associated NGOs has requested Government of India to ensure that, it should be ensured that no caretaker or attendant is stopped from reaching the house of PwDs. Our NGOs are working diligently to make this hassle-free.
5. The absence of public transport is a major challenge for caretakers. The NGOs are ensuring that the transportation needs of caretakers and attendants are met.
6. All essential services including groceries medication, blood supply and oxygen cylinders for Persons with Disabilities are being made available to PwD people.
7. We are ensuring the home delivery of all essential services for Persons with Disabilities free of cost
8. NGOs are educating and training the health professionals in remote and tier-3 cities, in dealing with Persons with Disabilities. This also includes the staff at diagnostic and quarantine centres.
9. NGOs officials make sure that no discrimination is meted out to PwDs in any institutions and facility available and run by government or Private.
10. Helping and Guiding diagnostic and quarantine centres so that they should be accessible for Persons with Disabilities
11. Information on Covid 19 is being made available in accessible formats such as Braille and Indian Sign Language for consumption by PwDs.
12. Counselling and peer support networks are being made to help online.
13. A 24X7 local helping number is being made available to all PwDs which can not only provide information on Covid 19 but also extend telephonic counselling sessions.

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