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Orphaned Children Kinship Care

Orphaned Children Kinship Care

Due to Covid-19 & Other Reasons

Using Images and Disclosing Orphaned Child Identity is a Criminal Offence as per Juvenile Justice Act of India So we use symbolic image Only

We Do Not Use Emotional Crying Videos to Fetch Funds

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What is Kinship Care?

When a child lost one or both parents due to any reason, and their care is being taken by extended family like grandparents, paternal-uncles & aunts, maternal uncle & ants, or any blood lineage with a promise to keep them safe and happy, is known as Kinship Care.

Facts about Orphaned Children due to Covid-19

As many as 30,071 children were orphaned, lost a parent or abandoned mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic as per data submitted by different states till June 5, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) informed the Supreme Court on 7th June 2021. Of the total, 26,176 children have lost a parent, 3,621 have been orphaned and 274 have been abandoned.( Reported By Economic Times in June 2021)

The state-wise data regarding children who have lost either their mother or father or both parents from April 1, 2020 to June 5, 2021, irrespective of their reason of death (not only death due to COVID-19), is available on 'Bal Swaraj' portal and collated by NCPCR.

Objective of this Campaign:

• Kinship Care Provider Support

1. Financially for those who are in abject poverty so that they do not abandoned children in later stage after emotional turbulence is over
2. Rationing support so that child does not seem a burden and does not become mal-nourished and stunted developed citizen
3. Vaccination and medical treatments if required
4. Educational Support of Fee and books

• Prevention from illegal adoption that can lead to

1. Child Traffickers may use child adverse opportunities as bagger, child labour and sexual abuse
2. Child Porn makers may exploits these children as a target for their nefarious activities

Social Media calls for adoption is a risky prospects please ignore such calls and protect the identity of child, if you came across such messages

The plight of these recently orphaned children has led to increased chatter around 'adoption'. But this comes with the threat of child trafficking, often in the form of social media messages calling for direct adoption of children.

Recently, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as well as also messaging applications such as WhatsApp were flooded with messages exhorting people to adopt children orphaned during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, when government authorities investigated these messages, some of them turned out to be fake and scams.

Donor Crew associated NGOs Role

NGOs that are associated have a track record of Good Work, legally framed and running. They responsibly take care, routinely verify and check background of KINSHIP CARE PROVIDER, to help child so that he/she may grow normally and become a useful citizen of India.

Time to time interaction with child leads NGOs to understand and know about child well-being and emotional development.

Let’s support NGOs to do a noble cause.

Let’s extend our hands to help Orphaned Children

Let’s start Donation with minimum Rs.1/day and make a difference to bring joy and happiness among these children.

Updates On This Fund Raiser

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Terms & Conditions For Donation

  • All Donors Must be 18 years or older than 18 years.
  • Donation once made cannot be refunded in any condition except miss representation or impersonation of financial information. In this scenario, 24 Hours TAT is compulsory, if any fraudulent usage of financial information is reported after 24 hours then Donor Crew is unable to process refund claims.
  • All Donations qualified relevant Tax Deduction Benefits in relevant Income Tax Regulations.
  • Physical Donation Receipt of NGO is available on request only.
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