Objective & Mission Statement

Donor Crew- A Unit of Astage India Marketing And Services Pvt Ltd is a philanthropic unit that have some objective and missions as given below

1- Bringing Donor or Pledgers and NGOs at a common platform and playing a role of Bridge in between them
2- Bringing Corporate houses and NGOs at a common platform for CSR Activities
3- Creating a niche where all donation activities shall be legally and useful to bring change in our society.

Our Platform shall play a role of bridge between Philanthropists and philanthropic work executors in their limited resources. Some major points of our mission are as below-

1- Helping small and medium scale NGOs that are facing resource problems to implement philanthropic projects
2- Fill the lacuna of fund raising expertise, providing necessary tools and techniques for the same.
3- Helping the people who are in need of Medical Help, Educational Support, Livelihood Support, and addressing the need of society after verifying and validating by NGOs
4- Developing a sense of Political Donation and benefits in development of democratic environment through supporting them.
5- Ultimate Mission of Donor Crew is a society without hunger, educated youth, help to stop child labour and helping the organisations that may bring one or many changes in our society to develop a GREAT NATION.